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An Invitation from your Board of Trustees

October 6, 2020

I am encouraged by the attendance at the Town Hall meeting on Sunday, October 4, 2020, If you were there, you know the Board of Trustees and the Sacred Space Team shared a great deal of information about our goals for this interim ministry, our financial position, and our building project. Many of you shared your thoughts and asked important questions -- which the Board appreciates. Don’t forget to complete the “building saving options survey” at; the deadline is Wednesday, October 7.

While grateful for the time we spent together, I left the meeting feeling like there was insufficient time to hear from everyone who wanted to speak. Therefore, the Board is inviting you to continue the conversation at one of several small-group sessions over the next few days. We represent you, the members of this congregation, and are humbled by the trust that you have placed in us. To represent you, we need to know what you are thinking; we need to hear your questions, and we need to do our best to work with you to find answers. Let’s all work together to build the future of this congregation.

Sign up, on a first-come, first-served basis, at this link to attend one of the 8 sessions. To allow maximum participation, each session will be limited to six non-Board participants. So sign up early.

Even if you did not attend the Town Hall meeting, know that you, too, are welcomed and encouraged to come to one of these sessions.

After you select a session, we will send you the Zoom link to the meeting you choose.

If you cannot attend one of these sessions and want to provide feedback, offer suggestions, or have questions, please reach out to me at

The Board members look forward to engaging and working with you to shape the future of this faith community.


Gaye Webb, President, UUCBV Board of Trustees

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