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5/24 All Ages Sunday Morning Service

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You can Join the All Ages Religious Education, Sunday Morning Service, and Online Coffee Hour using any of these platforms:

Note: Zoom and Google Meetings end when the last person leaves the meeting.

Sunday Morning Digital Schedule

9:30 am – Online Gathering Begins

10:00 am – All Ages Religious Education by Vicki Carter - Memorial Day

10:30 am – All Ages Worship Speaking Our Truths Honestly and Kindly - Living our Faith in the Democratic Process"

~11:30 am – Online Coffee Hour - Zoom, Google, and Facebook Meetings Continue

~12:00 pm – RE and Service Video(s) available to rewatch on Facebook Page and Blog

~12:30 pm – Online Virtual Gathering Ends

Viewing and Discussion Following the Broadcast

View the video after it is compiled at either of two sites

24/7 Discussion continues on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group

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Unknown member
Apr 29, 2020

I cannot imagine making either choice. There were so many variables and so many ways to reach a common goal of a better place for everyone. Our diversity is our strength. Thank you for sharing your story.


Unknown member
Apr 29, 2020

In honoring fallen soldiers on Memorial Day every year, I wish we could also acknowledge the men who refused to go to war, like my father. They were called conscientious objectors and during WWII they went to prison or Civilian Public Service camps. In 1932, my grandmother attended the World Disarmament Conference in Geneva accompanied by Albert Einstein to outlaw war and get rid of all weapons. Long history of pacifism in the US.

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