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A Big Shout Out to FP Volunteers!

A BIG SHOUT OUT goes to the UUCBV volunteers who hosted Family Promise last week! Hot Dinners & Salads: Mary & Roger Lorenzo, Jerry Wagnon, Pam Johnson, Zoe Dobbs, Judy Hart, Mary Ellen Pate & Molly Ward. Dinner & Evening Hosts: Jerry Wagnon, Pam Johnson, Pat Cleere. Overnight Hosts: Mike Metcalf, Pam Johnson, Joyce Langenegger, & Molly Ward Six Loaves of Homemade Bread: John Ivy Please, Mark Your Calendars! The UUCBV will be the church host for Family Promise from Sunday, December 16th through Saturday, December 22nd. We look forward to having new UUCBV volunteers! #uucbv #MSJE

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