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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Social Justice and the Environment (MSJE)

The E in MSJE stands for Environment!

Thank you to all who helped write letters to our Congressman and Senators in support of H.R.763 - Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, and the equivalent Senate bill, (S.) 2284 - The Climate Action Rebate Act of 2019. We sent about 25 letters, and since they were from a variety of zip codes, this was very impressive. Thanks to Jerry for the beautiful stationery. MSJE plans to do this again, soon.

Additional Ways You Can Help Push Climate Change Bills: The Grand Canyon Project is a group effort to provide frequent calls to our congressional representatives in D.C. expressing our concerns about global warming. If you join, you would be scheduled to make one call for a couple of minutes each month to our Congressional District Office in DC to express concern for climate change action and support for H.R.763). Those signed up receive an email each month with a suggested day to call in so that calls are distributed throughout the month. You can use the focal points listed in last week’s ECAST. To sign up, go to link: All are encouraged to submit letters on climate to the editor at The Eagle as well.

Join our local Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL): you can join on-line and there are no fees involved - lots of great resources on this site:

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