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5/19/24 Sunday Services @ Brazos UU

Updated: May 17

Sunday Services at Brazos UU

10:00am - Coffee is Ready

10:15 am - Meditative Music Begins in Sanctuary

10:25 am - Ingathering Music and Video Recording Begins

10:30 am - Sunday Worship Service - "Beloved Community" by Rev. Kiya Heartwood

We discuss the ways of building, growing, and maintaining our Beloved Community and what that means to our congregation in our new building.

10:45 am - Religious Education - We read the Duke Who Outlawed Jellybeans, and we discuss useful and silly rules and see who can come up with the silliest decree. There will also be jellybean sampling, of course.

11:30 am - Coffee Hour - We will have coffee, snacks, discussion, and fellowship in our Fellowship Hall. Don't forget to buy your Pate Anniversary Fundraiser Tickets all through May at the table in the Fellowship Hall!

12:00pm - Annual Congregational Meeting

1:00pm - Cleanup

Video of Service available via our Youtube

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