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4/5 Sunday Services

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Watch The Entire Video Here:

Viewing Platforms

You can Join the All Ages Religious Education, Sunday Morning Service, and Online Coffee Hour using any of these platforms:

Note: Zoom and Google Meetings end when the last person leaves the meeting.


Sunday Morning Digital Schedule

9:30 am – Online Gathering Begins

10:00 am – All Ages Religious Education by Vicki Carter -

10:30 am – Sunday Morning Service

~11:00 am – RE and Service Video(s) available to rewatch on Facebook Page and Blog

~11:30 am – Online Coffee Hour - Zoom, Google, and Facebook Meetings Continue

~12:30 am – Online Virtual Gathering Ends


Viewing and Discussion Following the Broadcast

View the video after it is compiled at either of two sites

24/7 Discussion continues on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group

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Tech & Site Admin
Tech & Site Admin
Apr 05, 2020

Yes, it appears that Zoom will be asking for passwords from now on for enhanced security against "zoom bombers" who wish to disrupt the ample zoom meetings occurring these days.


Unknown member
Apr 05, 2020

Zoom is asking me for a password.

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