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3/31/24 Sunday Services @ 1719 E 29th Street in Bryan, TX

Updated: Apr 10

Easter Sunday Services at Brazos UU

10:00am - Coffee is Ready

10:15 am - Meditative Music Begins in Sanctuary

10:25 am - Ingathering Music and Video Recording Begins

10:30 am - Sunday Worship Service - "Corinthians" by Rev. Kiya Heartwood

What the first century of Christianity was really like, focusing on the "sin city" of ancient Corinth.

10:45 am - Religious Education - Easter Egg-stravaganza!

11:30 am - Coffee Hour - We will have coffee, snacks, discussion, and fellowship in our Fellowship Hall.

11:45am - Egg Launch, Egg Hunt, and Easter Potluck

12:00pm - Cleanup Begins

Video of Service available via our Youtube

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