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2023 Jesse Coon Award Recipient

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Jesse B. Coon Stewardship Award is presented with great appreciation for commitment, dedication, and loving contributions to the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley.

"Church is a place where you get to practice what it means to be human," James Luther Adams.

Jesse Coon Awardee

This member is one of the treasures we can thank the COVID pandemic for, first attending services when Zoom became the norm for Sunday Service. At the time, she was involved in many aspects, and still is, of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and so she took her time getting to know the UUCBV before deciding it was a community that she wanted to support and participate in. When Reverend Kiya Heartwood became our Minister, she was able to find help and support from this person right from the start. Rev. Kiya has been able to count on her to create beautiful, heartfelt music at church, committing to play even when other obligations are calling for her attention. Despite living an hour away, she regularly helps with the set up for Sunday service, coffee service, and clean up. Regularly. Organizing coffee service is no small task, so she is now lending a hand to help secure volunteers and coordinate this!

This year she was asked to join with Carolyn Clark to chair the Stewardship Drive, a very meaningful contribution, which she graciously accepted and has worked on with great enthusiasm. She brings this great enthusiasm and positive attitude to all her tasks and can be relied upon to be welcoming in every way. In addition to all this, she is someone that has been called on to give sermons on a regular basis. This contribution is a much needed help to the health of our minister and our congregation. And now, she has accepted the nomination to serve on the Nominating Committee. An excellent choice because of what an inspiration she is to other members! She is someone with a true heart for Stewardship. We are proud to present this Jesse B. Coon Stewardship Award to…

Darbi Lockridge!

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