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2020 Stewardship Drive Coming Soon!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The coming year will be an eventful and exciting one at UUCBV.  But in the midst of all that’s happening - as in your households - we must tend to business!  And part of that business every year is the Annual Stewardship Drive, generating financial commitments or pledges to cover the church’s routine operating expenses for the church year that will begin June 1, 2020.

Sue Bloomfield and Harriet Smith are Co-Chairs of the 2020 Annual Stewardship Drive - and they think you will enjoy this year’s plan.  Instead of a large single event, stewardship conversations and fellowship will be shared at intimate “Cottage Dinners” hosted by members between February 21 and March 22.  Your financial commitment forms can be submitted at the dinner you sign up to attend, or afterwards, with a goal date for all pledges to be submitted by April 1.

Stay tuned for details on when and how you can sign up for a Cottage Dinner, coming via e-cast and announcements on Sunday mornings.

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