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2/13 Virtual Sunday Services

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Virtual Sunday Morning Service

Until our COVID team deems in-person meetings safe, UUCBV will be meeting online.

This is the format of online worship until further notice

10:00 AM: All Ages Religious Education via Zoom

At 10:00 AM, join us on Zoom for religious education

Meeting ID: 780 211 530

Passcode: 1956

Six Word Stories: “Black Lives Matter means…”

10:30 AM: All Ages Sunday Worship Service via YouTube and Facebook

At 10:30 AM, Sunday service will premiere on YouTube and Facebook

Use the comment feature to interact with fellow congregants during service.

“Black Lives Matter” by Pastor Kiya Heartwood

A short history of the movement, and directions for the future

Watch the video of service here:

11:30 AM: Open Coffee Hour via Zoom

Join us for an open coffee hour for discussion and fellowship from 11:30 to 12:30

Meeting ID: 780 211 530

Passcode: 1956

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