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12/30 @ 8 am Volunteers Needed!

12/30 @ 8 am Sanctuary Chair Arrival

The Church will receive the Sanctuary chairs from Sauder Worship Chairs. The truck will arrive at the new Church and be directed to the Cubbyhole storage next door to our new church.

The SST will be asking SST members and UUCBV members and friends to:

!) Volunteer to unload and move chairs into the Cubbyhole storage facility (6-8 people). Dollies will be available to transport the chairs from the delivery truck into the storage room. Gathering time is: 7:45 am at the new church.

2) Loan or donate large cardboard boxes or blankets or padding for the chairs to be stored. All items should have a name on the item if they are to be returned. Waterproof material (like a tent) or plastic sheeting would also be appreciated IF it happens to rain during the unloading process.

Please help us publicize this event!

-Kathy Wheeler

If you are able to volunteer, please email to let the Sacred Space Team know they can count on you. Thank you!

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