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Financial Information for UUCBV

The Full Story

Our Pledges are only a portion of the income sources that our church depends on. This chart shows the various revenue sources that we depend on every year. As you can see, the greatest majority of our income comes from our pledges. Your support of our ministries is vital to our short and long-term plans and operations.

  • Pledged giving = 72.42%

  • Football parking ministry = 12.09%

  • Fundraising = 4.83%

  • General Fund Donations = 1.21%

  • Rental Income = 4.02%

  • Sunday Offering = 4.83

  • Other = .6%


These numbers are based on our current draft budget for the upcoming year. The final budget will depend greatly on the success of this stewardship campaign. Almost three-fourths of this operating budget comes from the $180,000 we hope to expect based on your pledges. 

  • Personnel - 63.85%

  • Building - 14.02%

  • Contractors - 12.83%

  • Congregational Life - 6.24%

  • Denomination - 3.07%

Church Expenses


UUCBV aims to be good stewards of the funds that are given to our church. Our expenses are carefully planned and are an expression of our justice-centered values in action. With that in mind, the largest section of our spending is on our staff. We value the time and talent of our employees and ensure that they are paid as fairly as possible and that their benefits provide reasonable support of their health and wellness needs. 

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