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Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley welcomes people of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, classes, abilities, languages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.  Our liberal religious denomination encourages each person to pursue his/her/their own spirituality journey.

Share your voice?  

Become  a part of our digital congregation.  We offer a Forum for general to specific discussions.

1. Sign-in

2. Select “Discussion Forum”

3. Select “General Discussion”

4. Choose your discussion or start a new post. 


Join in conversations during our weekly Coffee Hour and Discussion, following Sunday worship.  Representatives from many parts of the church fill our virtual discussion.  Our Committee on Ministry and our Membership Team can direct you towards those sharing your interests.  This is a perfect time to have one on one with our minister too.  We love to hear your thoughts.

Would you like to join our website's membership?  This will allow you to add your thoughts to our website through our Discussion Forum, our Blog and other website avenues.

Would you like to become a member of the UUCBV?  Becoming a member requires a monetary or in-kind donation once every 365 days.  Your membership allows for you to vote in our Town Hall and Annual Congregational Meetings.  You help decide the future of the UUCBV.

Become involved?

UUCBV works with our congregation and our community.  The church is constantly changing, adapting and growing.  A current list of team leaders can be found on our Info Directory or within our monthly newsletter, the Latitudinarian.  You are welcome to reach out on your own or your administrator will gladly introduce you.  Many of our leads enjoy a nice cup of coffee and participate in Coffee Hour, following Sunday worship.  They will be happy to speak with you.


Become a member?

UUCBV’s community constantly grows and you would make a welcomed addition.  Our Membership Team includes our Greeters from Sunday worship and our minister.  Reaching out to them during a friendly hello, a membership meeting or a Coffee Hour conversation can start your path to becoming a UUCBV member.


Find answers?

With the abundant opportunities and the kindness of congregants, you are surrounded with people wanting to help you.  Someone is always nearby.  Reaching out to or 979-696-5285, our administrator can help connect you with persons perfect for your request.

Pathways to Membership

Periodically, our Membership Team hosts a Pathway to Membership course.  This course shares details of UUCBV and the Unitarian Universalist beliefs.  Even if you do not plan to join as a UUCBV member, the course shares many interesting details.  All are welcome to participate.  Contact our Membership Team to find out when the next Pathways to Membership will take place.

Voting Members ONLY button directs those to Membership directory, photo gallery and various Voting Member documents.  It is password protected.  Please contact our Membership Team if you need access to this page.


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PO Box 12372 College Station, TX 77842


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Meet Our Minister


Rev. Donna Renfro began serving UUCBV in September 2018, with an extensive background in directing religious education and a passion for equality, Rev. Donna is a calming and inspiring presence for people of all walks of life.


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