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Join us in Religious Education (RE)

UU Religious Education (RE) is goal-oriented in one way: We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving people who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance.

We gain wisdom from all sources and study all religions, so come learn and grow with us!

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Religious Education

Committee Members:

Ivy Chatwin

Molly Hagan Ward

Pam Johnson

Joanna Kemper 
Erin Wilkinson

Allison Faber,
Director of Religious Education and Membership/Outreach

My journey to becoming a UU was inspired by many factors, but I think that this experience of the beauty of diversity propelled me to become involved in a spiritual community that accepts you no matter what. What I love about UUCBV is that it provides me a space for my own spiritual exploration while also affirming the anti-racist and feminist activism that I am particularly passionate about. 


From an early age, I longed to learn about different cultures, places, and histories. This longing to know why and how people knew the world and their lives differently was bolstered by spending many of my formative adolescent years overseas. Because of my attendance at a school containing teachers and students of many nationalities, I saw the value and beauty of diversity and building brides despite any differences that arose. At a church that housed multilingual services and many denominations, it was a rich environment to observe, participate, and celebrate the various ways that people worshipped.


I immediately became involved with Religious Education after joining UUCBV because I think teaching children about the Seven UU principles and that wisdom comes from many sources is so vital in creating the Beloved Community, which celebrates the human experience while recognizing and working to dismantle systems of oppression. I value each of our RE participants as individual human beings with valued and valid experiences. We grow and learn together!


I am so honored to be in service to UUCBV as the Director of Religious Education, Membership and Outreach. I am overjoyed to be continuing and expanding my role with my spouse, John, and two children, Liam and Reid. I welcome all questions about Religious Education and Unitarian Universalism. On a personal note, I also love reading, history, dancing, cooking, fiber arts, and learning about pretty much anything, so if you need someone to share your excitement at your new awesome recipe or cross stitch pattern, reach out to me at or stop by one of our in-person events!

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