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We are Building a New Way 2022-2023 Stewardship Campaign

Unitarian Universalist Church

Of the Brazos Valley

We Are Building a New Way

2022 – 2023 Stewardship Campaign

Let’s embrace the possibilities as we consider a new gathering place.

Let’s continue to strengthen the

depth and outreach

of our church community.

Let’s commit to the success

of our contractor minister and staff.

Let’s lay the foundation for a strong UUCBV future for generations to come OUR FINANCIAL GOAL FOR 2022-2023.

We are a congregation of remarkable financial resources; outstanding talent and we give our time generously. Although we have faced obstacles, we have been fortunate the past several years.

When TxDot purchased our Wellborn Road home, we packed up and closed our church doors. We mourned the loss of a home where many memories and friendships had been made. Yet, we found a new church home at Hillel and WE BUILT A NEW WAY.

When the Covid-19 pandemic crossed our borders, we faced difficult decisions. Our operating budget suffered, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to safely have services in person. We closed our doors again. We began to meet virtually for services and meetings. The church's budget reflected the income loss some of our congregants endured. We applied for and were awarded $20,237 in Paycheck Protection funds. We were able to pay our staff and necessary expenses. WE BUILT A NEW WAY.

The second year of the pandemic proved to be bleak as well. Another $19,008 was provided by the Paycheck Protection Plan. An anonymous donor provided a grant that allowed the Board to hire a full time Director of Religious Education, Membership and Outreach. WE BUILT A NEW WAY.

This year we may not have the Paycheck Protection Plan or a generous donor to help provide for our needs. The Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee have requested we set our Stewardship Campaign goal at $197,508. This stewardship campaign will fund the 2022-2023 fiscal year where we hope to move into our new church home. Our operating expenses will increase as we return to paying utility and internet bills, property and building upkeep as well as security and insurance, just to name a few. We will do our best, dig our deepest, and put our heart and soul into meeting this challenge. After all WE ARE BUILDING A NEW WAY not only for our families but for generations to come.

Let's build our future together!

Please view our Fair Share Guide:

UUA-Fair-Share-Guide, 2021
Download PDF • 108KB

Here is a downloadable Pledge form that you can mail to PO Box 12372 College Station, Texas 77842 or you can complete the form, scan it, and email it to .

Pledge Form New Members Friends
Download PDF • 223KB

We appreciate all you can and wish to do for UUCBV.

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Unknown member
Jan 25, 2022

Many thanks to our stewardship chair, Deb Wilson, and her committee —-Katie Womack, Dena Imlay, Pam Johnson, and Pastor Kiya. We are Building a New Way!

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