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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Attending (left to right): Carolyn Clark: At Large, Katie Womack: President, Rev. Donna Renfro, Nancy Deer, John Faber: At Large, and Deb Wilson: Treasurer

Members of the UUCBV Board of Directors celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day with our own fabulous administrator, Nancy Deer. On Tuesday, April 23rd, Rev. Donna helped persuade Nancy to have a surprise lunch at Napa Flats. Nancy received flowers and a gift card to Michael’s from the congregation. Thank you Nancy for ALL you do for ALL of us.

Because I have the luxury of posting, I would like to add my many thank yous to each of you. UUCBV is a treasure box full of inspirational, dedicated and caring people. I appreciate all that you do. Witnessing the behind the scenes action gives me a great respect to the amount of work designated to make this world a better place one footprint at a time.

Many thanks,

:) ,Nancy

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