Sacred Space Team News by Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Sacred Space Team (SST) has helped to conclude a contract with Gessner Engineering by the UUCBV to take core soil samples (25 feet deep) from the areas of the foundation of our future church building and our future parking area. Thanks Joyce L. for reviewing the presented contract and her excellent advice to have our attorney add an addendum to this contract to ensure that adequate insurance of the engineering company be in force for our project. The contract has been signed and delivered. The core samples will help in ensuring the foundation and the parking & driveways will be properly engineered.

Kerr Surveying has completed a preliminary tree survey on the property. Mitchell & Morgan (M&M), our civil engineer, will use this information to decide exactly where and how to create a berm to retain excess rainfall on the back of the lot. Additional tree surveying will possibly be needed; this will be discussed when M&M next meets with the SST on the property.

The SST has had a meeting about furniture selection with Pact Design Studio. Ken A., John I., and Bobby P., (thanks, guys!) conducted an inventory including measurements of pieces of furniture currently stored in our storage facility. We have another meeting scheduled Feb 26 concerning furniture selection.

Another SST Design Development meeting with Pact Design Studio is in the works for the first week in March.

John Ivy and I previously attended a Homeland Security Program at Hillel Apr. 1, 2019. We learned a lot about security concerns for congregations. I attended a telephone conference Feb 20, 2020 about the qualifying process to apply for Security Grant Applications available for houses of worship. The program is extremely involved with tons of red tape. You must have a building before you can apply. No purchases made for security can be covered prior to approval, which may take several months if you are approved for a grant. Completion of a risk assessment showing you have a significant risk of a terror attack is required to be considered. Don Gilman, on the Board of Directors of Hillel, has been working on this project for a year in order for Hillel &/or his synagogue to be considered for a grant.

If you have ideas you wish to submit about our future church, please email them to BOTH these email addresses: &

We will discuss your ideas at the appropriate SST meeting.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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