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Sacred Space News

The UUCBV building project is progressing towards the finish line. The contractor's goal is still August 1, 2023 for completion. We of the SST are hoping for occupancy during the month of August.

Projects in the works are:

1) The window framing is in process and the remaining glass will be installed when it is received. The windows will be covered to be safe from damage during the installation of sheet rock.

2) The lighting fixtures have been ordered and have to be installed prior to the sheet rock.

3) The sheet rock will be installed with levels suggested by our architect.

4) An additional beam is to be added to correct an alignment issue in the Sanctuary.

5) The project has been divided for inspection purposes into the Sanctuary and the rest of the building.

6) Landscapers have been out to assess the future sprinkler system installation.

7) The future security system, equipment required, internet installation, and monitoring are being investigated.

8) The playground will be addressed after we inhabit the church building.

9) There are multiple inspections to be made by the City of Bryan and the ADA inspector.

10) Etc.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, SST

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