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Sacred Space June Updates


The SST has been patient while our professionals have been revising the original plans for our new church. Revisions are very detailed and have been done to try to save our most desired aspects of our planned Church while lowering costs of construction. The revised plans have been submitted to Bryan Planning & Zoning for their pending approval.

Contract with Contractor, Legal Representation, Performance Bond. We have received a construction contract from Keys & Walsh on 5/13/2021, which has been submitted to our Church’s attorney, Cully Lipsey. Cully is to recommend revisions and to make sure the Church is protected by monthly requirements of the contractor to prove his bills for our project are paid. This puts us theoretically at risk for one month’s bills, while it relieves us from paying about $200,000 for a performance bond. Keys & Walsh is a reputable construction company, so we will depend on our attorney to protect our interests.

The UUCBV groundbreaking has been rescheduled for June 12, 2021. Watch for more details to come.

-Kathy Wheeler, Chair, Sacred Space Team of the UUCBV

Thanks to our SST Members: Ken Appelt, Eleanor Ford, Molly Hagan-Ward, John Ivy, Joyce Langeneggar, Rob McGeachin, Rev. Christian Schmidt, Jerry Wagnon & Gaye Webb

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