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News from the UUWF

By Karen Bachman and Nancy Granovsky, Program Co-chairs

Guest speaker Sarah Junkin Woodard of Nicaragua’s Jubilee House, the Center for Development in Central America-Nicaragua presented an excellent visual program, “From Pandemic to Progress” that featured how well Nicaragua is dealing with the pandemic and the specific work of Jubilee House.

UUWF Program Committee Seeks Members

With Co-chair Karen Bachman’s move to Vermont, Chair Nancy Granovsky is seeking members interesting in helping to plan programs for the remainder of the program year. We wish Karen well as she settles in but she will be missed. We thank her for her service and hope she can Zoom with us from time to time.

UUWF Meeting

Please join us at for a discussion on post-election experiences and expectations. More details will follow.

After the program, we will conclude our meeting on Zoom with a GROUP GRATITUDE SHARE. Please prepare IN ADVANCE and IN WRITING a 30-second GRATITUDE STATEMENT.

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