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MSJE September Latitudinarian Article

Even though we have not been meeting face to face due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, MSJE has been very active and productive.

We will have our first MSJE meeting with Reverend Christian on Sunday, Aug. 30th 7 PM. The ZOOM link will be listed on the UUCBV Calendar. Go to and click on Calendar, then August 30, 2020 for the link.

We have a lot to discuss:

  • Nominations for new Officers

  • Budget

  • Split the Plate Recipient for Sept - Nov 2020

  • Gibbons Creek Coal-Powered Plant Sale and Reopening

  • BISD Hope’s Locker Clothes Collection

  • UU-The-Vote

  • Top Issues for TXUUJM to Pursue Collectively for the 2021 Legislature.

Nominations: In order to keep this group vibrant, we need to consider having new officers every one to two years. We can have one Chair or multiple Co-Chairs. We need vibrant people who are passionate about Social Justice and the Environment to lead our church. I can think of several people who I think would be great leaders. Please think about nominees and bring your list with you on Aug. 30th.

Split-the-Plate: Due to decreased revenue during services since COVID-19 struck, we extended Split the Plate to Pride Community Center from February to August 2020. We need to decide on the next recipient for September through November 2020 and also discuss ways to increase donations on Sundays. Over the past ten years, we have contributed $17,546 from Split the Plate to different organizations. That is something to be proud of. Please let me know if you have suggestions for the next Split the Plate recipient.

Gibbons Creek Coal-Powered Plant Sale and Reopening: Most of you have received a letter from me indicating that time is of essence to prevent the sale and re-opening of the Gibbons Creek Coal-Powered Plant that is 30-miles outside of Bryan/College Station. Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU), Texas Municipal Power Agency (TMPA) and the City Councils of Bryan, Denton, Garland and Greenville are in talks to sell the plant to an unnamed Arizona company and they will soon take a vote. They are proceeding with the sale despite the well known environmental and health risks associated with burning coal, and despite the fact that energy from coal-burning plants is much more expensive than energy generated from other sources; too expensive for even BTU to buy.

Please, consider continuing to send letters and emails to the Bryan City Council, BTU and TMPA over the next 2-3 weeks as public officials move closer to making a decision on the sale and re-opening of the Gibbons Creek coal-powered plant. For more information and letter templates and email addresses, go to:

UU-The-Vote: Faith Leaders of every denomination and religious community are working to get out the vote during these crucial times. The UU Principle of the inherent worth and dignity of all people suggests that every person should have the right to vote to make change for a better and more promising future. We plan to join in with the First UU of Houston and 6-7 other local UU churches to make a difference by encouraging people to register to vote and to vote. We are looking for people who are interested to be on a committee to lead us on our way.

Top Issues for TXUUJM: We submitted our top three issues for the TXUUJM ti pursue collectively with the 2021 Legislature. How can we personally get involved?

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Unknown member
Aug 28, 2020

Maybe it's discussed elsewhere and I missed it, but what were the three items submitted to TXUUJM?

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