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MSJE MEETING, SUNDAY, OCT. 11th,  12 - 1:30 PM

Why are you a UU?

The most common answer is "Social Justice."

However, only a few people participate in the Ministry for Social Justice and the Environment (MSJE), our Social Justice Group.

The question now is - 

How can YOU & everyone at UUCBV become involved in Social Justice?

Let's have a discussion.

What responsibility do you have as a UU towards SJ? 

What would make you more likely to become more involved in SJ at UUCBV?

What is your vision of SJ at the UUCBV?

Where do we go from here? ......

Plus The Agenda:


II. 2020 BC/S Virtual CROP Hunger Walk

III. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF 2020

IV. Pride Community Center - Nov.29 worship service/continued collaboration

V. Closure of Gibbon Creek Coal-Powered Plant - 20 miles from BC/S - What Now?

VI. MSJE Budget

See you there!


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