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MSJE January 2021 Latitudinarian

Happy New Year 2021!

The Ministry for Social Justice (MSJE) continues to work hard

and we have new programs for 2021!

The Split the Plate Recipient for November 2020 - March 2021 is the BV Food Bank. They are in great need during this COVID-19 period. We extended this collection because of the growing food insecurities faced by many due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gibbons Creek Coal-Powered Plant Sale and Reopening TMPA agreed to sell the Gibbons Creek Power plant to Charah Solutions. Ownership interests are Bryan 21.24%; Denton 21.45%; Garland 47.30%; and Greenville 10.01%; all four cities will need to approve the sale before the deal can go through. The deal requires the buyer to decommission the existing power plant structures. The buyer will remove all oils and chemicals from the plant site, properly dispose of them, and demolish the power plant structures and associated equipment. The power plant structures contain a large amount of steel, copper, and other valuable materials that Charah plans to sell as scrap.

The Gibbons Creek Environmental Team is watching to make sure the land cannot be resold by Charah Solutions to another company for fossil fuel drilling or excavation.

Family Promise Update: FP staff continue to fundraise and help those who have already been through FP; They are looking for families that fit within their guidelines. The Brazos UU will be cycling through as Church Sponsor in March 2021.

BISD Hope’s Locker Fundraiser: Keep Their Bottoms Warm! Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2020. Thank you to everyone who contributed socks and underwear for BISD Hope’s Locker

UU THE VOTE Update: With our efforts, over 42,000 Texas voters being touched. A "touch" is any effort to reach a voter via phone, postcard, text etc. Brazos UU members helped to make this happen. Overall, we vastly exceeded our expectations and reached 42,055 voters. This involved 279 volunteers from more than 14 UU Congregations.

What’s Up for the New Year?

UUs & the TX Legislative Session starting January 2021 TXUUJM is working on strategies and will start training sessions to prepare for the 2021 Texas Legislative Session beginning in Jan. 2021. Those interested in traveling to Austin physically or remotely during the sessions should contact Jerry Wagnon. and/or Pam Johnson

The E in MSJE Stands for the Environment!

NEW - Brazos UU Lunchtime Environmental TED Talks: Starting January, the second Thursday of each month, join us for virtual lunch and Environmental TED Talks, with live and broadcast talks.

So far on the agenda we have

  1. Pollution 101, Bobby Presley

  2. The Carbon Tax TED Talk

  3. Oceanography 101, Bobby Presley

  4. And More ..... Developing a Roof-to-Garden Irrigation System, Community Gardens, Mulching, etc.

Sierra Club Training The Sierra Club had one of its many training sessions on how to influence lawmakers to vote for bills friendly to the environment during the 2021 Texas Legislative Session.

Here is a to the first training session that had several break-out meetings:

And a link to the slides, which are very educational,is below:

Interested in volunteering with the Sierra Club to be a part of their collective work to make change happen at the capitol? Fill out this form:

Upcoming Sierra Club Legislative Workshop, Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 7pm!

Sign up here:

  • Build on the connections made in our Dec. 12 workshop

  • Welcome and encourage new voices and perspectives, especially from communities disproportionately impacted by pollution

  • Dive deeper into the legislative process

  • Learn the fundamentals of the state budget, its process and outlook, from Eva deLuna Castro of Social Justice Requires Public Policy

  • Highlight environmental justice priority issues, such as TCEQ permits, pollution monitoring, and enforcement, and how they are affected by the budget process along with other important areas like the Railroad Commission and parks and wildlife funding

Severe budget cuts are expected at a time when Texas desperately needs to reinforce funding for pollution monitoring and enforcement because pollution increases the risk of severe COVID cases, which are still on the rise!

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) The cure to climate change has been here this whole time, and it’s right under our feet. Kiss the Ground is a full-length feature documentary that focuses on regenerative agriculture and soil health as a leading solution to the climate crisis. View the film and attend the follow-up Q&A panel discussion hosted by Citizens Climate Lobby, Business Climate Leaders, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action.

Run of Show:

Jan 3-6: Watch the feature-length film on Vimeo at your leisure

Jan 6 - 5:30 pm CST: Come together to watch the educational cut of the film with us on Zoom, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A starting at 6:15 pm CST.

Go to the link below to sign on the ZOOM showing:

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