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Ministry for Social Justice and the Environment by Pam Johnson

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Ministry for Social Justice and the Environment (MSJE) continues to be very busy, and we invite you to join in with us on our upcoming events and meetings.

I was looking back on our prior MSJE Minutes and realized that during the summer of 2017 we started working on developing strategies to understand how alleviate the homelessness problem in Bryan/College Station. We studied The Bush School for Government and Public Service, Understanding Poverty in Brazos County May 2016 homelessness section in detail. We read several books on homelessness and became involved with Family Promise, a transitional shelter in Bryan for homeless children and their families, and did a fundraiser for Hope’s Locker, a BISD organization providing gently uses clothing for homeless children and their families. And we continue to work with these two worthwhile groups.

Then we started talking about tiny houses and how they might help with the homelessness problem. Well, now we have an actual situation in which tiny houses will be used.

That is, Tiny Hope Village, a 7-acre area of land set aside for a tiny house village to permanently house the chronically homeless in the Bryan/CS/Hearne area.

On Sunday, February 9th, the MSJE will have a PIZZA LUNCH for everyone to enjoy as Dan Kiniry, Executive Director of Tiny Hope Village and Architect Brian Gibbs, give us an update on how tiny houses may be used to combat homelessness from

downstairs. We hope to see you there!

Other Announcements:

This year’s recipients for the annual budgeted membership for payments of $200 each:

  • TxUUJM - Justice Ministry, Chuck Freeman

  • BCS Habitat

  • BIIN

  • Tiny Hope Village

  • Family Promise

  • Puerto Rico Emergency Fund

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