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Join RE this Sunday, March 7 at 10 AM.

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

For March and April 2021, we will focus on -

"Respect for Others’ Beliefs.”

This is a time to learn about other religions & beliefs.

We have a great schedule:

March 7 - Rev. Christian -


AKA kami-no-michi,

a religion originating in Japan.

DON'T FORGET to bring your colored Japanese pictures

to show to everyone on Sunday!

Lighting the Chalice

We are Unitarian Universalists.

With minds that think,

Hearts that love,

And hands that are ready to serve.

Together we care for our Earth,

And work for friendship and peace in our world.

Extinguishing the Chalice

We are thankful.

We are thankful to be here.

We are thankful to be here, together.

We are thankful to be here, together, now.

Peace and love!

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