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Is time speeding up, or is it just me?

It seems like the other day we were figuring out how to have remote Sunday services. Then, viola! We are back to in-person services. We also have a full-time minister, Pastor Kiya; the new church is being built; and the Board is rearranging the church governance to a liaison board structure. So, what else is new? Much ...

New things are happening all the time at the UUCBV!

I. The BOT is finalizing the “charge” of each church ministry with BOT liaisons. Molly Hagan-Ward is with the Sacred Space Team; Maya Lazarus is working with MSJE; Josh Wilkinson is busy with the Property Team and Garden gUrUs; and Gaye Webb is engaged with all the Finance committees. The BOT looks forward to moving on to the next steps of a liaison board reorganization.

II. We have a new Sister Church. The UUCBV and the UU Church of Victoria boards of trustees have agreed to become sister churches. Pastor Kiya worked with the UUC-Victoria this past year. So, please welcome members of the UUC-Victoria to our Sunday All Ages Services and after service discussions. We hope to develop a stronger alliance in other way as time goes on.

III. The BOT nominated three people to go to the UUA Essential Leadership Experience to help them improve their leadership skills. Besides myself, Brian Lockridge and Joyce Langenegger will represent the UUCBV. This training program runs from November 2021 to February 2022. The BOT hopes to send 2-3 members to this leadership program every year forthcoming. If you would like to attend this leadership training in the future, please let any member of the BOT or COM know.

IV. Last year, when the COM asked the congregation what types of things we wanted our church to be involved with, the majority said SOCIAL JUSTICE and REACHING OUT INTO THE COMMUNITY. We are now making strides toward this mission. For more information, please see the MSJE section, and especially the CORG article with regards to reaching out to the community.

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