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Family Promise Retraining February 20th

On February 20th, our Sunday morning service will be spotlighting direct service projects by members of our congregation, especially Hope Crossing and the Family Promise non-profit which aids families experiencing homelessness in our community. Our special guest will be Dr. Phebe Simmons, the Director.

Brazos UU’s got involved in Family Promise when some of our members in conjunction with another organization painted and decorated one of the family rooms at the facility. We then decided to adopt a week-long volunteer rotation several times a year to provide hosting services, including meals and taking evening and overnight hosting shifts.

If you are a Family Promise volunteer or would like to become one there is a special retraining that will follow Coffee Hour and Dr. Simmons’ presentation. Due to changes in procedures at the facility, if you were trained before you will need to undergo retraining. This should take less than one hour.

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