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Committee on Ministry looks towards November

The Committee on Ministry is charged with monitoring the health and well-being of the UUCBV. A part of that role is assuring that our minister is cared for as well.

It’s always been one of the great ironies to me that in the Judeo-Christian tradition we are told to take the Sabbath as a day of rest, the very day those who serve as our ministers must do so much of their public work. So, we return to the workforce refreshed and renewed on Monday after a restful Sabbath and our ministers enter the week exhausted from a day of sermons, meetings, and multiple obligations.

Our minister’s day of rest is Monday. Of course, she remains available to us in the event of an emergency. We can help her with her own self-care by honoring her day of rest. Having time to rest and recover from a busy week makes each of us better in all of our roles, whether personal or professional.

Whatever your day of rest is, we hope that you too will find the restoration you need to overcome any challenge you encounter.

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