Committee on Ministry Goes Virtual

            Last fall, the Committee on Ministry (CoM) established a CommUUnicate Table during coffee hour following Sunday services. That table provided an opportunity for members and guests to offer a compliment, pose a question, provide feedback, or express a concern for the record, and CoM would communicate the shared information to the appropriate church staff member or committee. The recipient of that communication would then provide a timely response to the original member or guest. This process is useful in the event one does not know to whom to turn with a comment or question. Another option is for the member or guest to directly share their comment, query or concern directly – honestly, directly, and respectfully – with the appropriate individual.

Now, a Virtual CommUUnicate Table. It has been difficult to continue our CommUUnicate Table practice since we initiated remote Sunday worship services several weeks ago. In its stead, CoM now offers a remote CommUUnicate Table. If you wish to convey a compliment or a question, provide feedback, or express a concern, you can contact CoM via email at Please include what you wish to convey and a contact phone number. One of us may call you to discuss before we convey the message to an appropriate person for response. Alternatively, we could guide you to the appropriate individual to contact directly.

Zoom Open House. As another means to provide an opportunity for informal communication among members and friends, CoM will host a Zoom Open House. We are planning our first Open House for Friday, July 10, 5:00–6:00 p.m. Our suggested topic for discussion is, “How could UUCBV support the community at our new location?”

The Committee on Ministry is John Ivy, Joyce Langenegger, Molly Ward, and the Rev. Donna Renfro.

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The Rev. Christian Schmidt is our interim minister, and first became a Unitarian Universalist in this congregation where he was an active member from 2006-2009. He has since served congregations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California. His interests include his family (including four little boys he and his wife are raising), sports, and theology.

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