Circle Suppers

When UUCBV was UUF, Circle Suppers were a regular gathering time. "The purpose is to get better acquainted with each other and with new members and friends of the Fellowship by spending informal evenings in small groups of 6 to 10 people. The suppers will be scheduled every month or so with different groups at each supper. Some may be held in the Fellowship library, some in individual homes... To simplify things, the host will arrange for each guest to bring a dish," April 1987 Latitudinarian.

This time of year encourages gatherings. You are a creative person. How can you make a Covid friendly gathering at the table? I plan to see more family than ever before for Thanksgiving just by hosting a casual zoom meeting. I plan to munch and talk while I ask for the recipe of what looks delicious through the camera lens.

Please leave comments of how you plan to duplicate a Circle Supper. To leave comments, become a site member.

Enjoy your creative gatherings!

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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