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Are you receiving more emails than preferred from UUCBV? only sends you a weekly eCast with addition of the Latitudinarian eCast and special notices. If you are receiving numerous emails from the , you prefer not to have these notifications, and you are a (web)Site Member, then you might have your (web)Site Member settings requesting these notifications.

To change your (web)Site Member settings,

  1. Click your profile icon. This is the circle that shares your picture or the first letter of your name. Once in the Discussion Forum, this profile icon appears on the top right of the page under the headings.

  2. Select SETTINGS.

  3. The next page that appears gives you many choices, including a BLOG SUBSCRIPTION button (this is a notice anytime anything posts on our blog), BLOG NOTIFICATION toggles, and FORUM NOTIFICATION toggles.

  4. Select what you wish.

If you continue to receive more emails than you wish or if you would like help walking through this process, contact and Nancy will be more than happy to help.

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