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4/28/24 Sunday Services @ 1719 E 29th Street in Bryan, TX

Updated: May 1

Sunday Services at Brazos UU

10:00am - Coffee is Ready

10:15 am - Meditative Music Begins in Sanctuary

10:25 am - Ingathering Music and Video Recording Begins

10:30 am - Sunday Worship Service - "Article II and the 8th Principle" by Darbi Lockridge

For some religious institutions, the equivalent of Article II would be regarded as a permanent statement of belief. Ours, however, is a Living Tradition. We commit ourselves to regularly revisiting our Principles and Purposes to ensure that we are relevant, that as we grow in understanding, our Principles and Purposes grow, too...

10:45 am - Religious Education - We talk about our covenant, the Focus Fox, and caring for our shared space.

11:30 am - Coffee Hour - We will have coffee, snacks, discussion, and fellowship in our Fellowship Hall.

12:00pm - Cleanup

Video of Service available via our Youtube

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